Membership Application Criteria for Writer Member
  • Applicants must be a Macao resident and hold a valid permanent or non-permanent Macao ID Card
  • Cannot be a member of other overseas affiliated organizations or other relevant copyright management associations in Macao
  • Application is for individual ONLY and not applicable for group
  • If the copyright ownership of any published album(s) has been transferred to any publisher(s), please provide a copy of the publishing agreement(s)
  • Has written and officially published at least five works
  • Reference letters from at least three full members

Membership Application Guide for Writer Member
  • Free membership fee
  • The signature date of the application and Dead of Assignment is different from the effective date of becoming the member of MACA, the latter is subject to the final confirmation by the MACA Board of Directors
  • If there is any change in the contact address, bank account or reportoire, the member is obliged to notify MACA for the change(s)
  • Any activities that involved public performance or public play, the member needs to remind the organizers to apply for music public performance license, even if the member himself/herself is performing his/her own musical work(s)

Required Documents for Membership Application of Writer Member
  • A copy of ID Card
  • A copy of bank book
  • Work samples (CD, MP3, WAVE etc.)
  • Work International Standard Recording Code (ISRC)
  • Application form (Chinese & Portuguese address and signature on the second page required) *
  • Notification of Works (signature required) *
  • A copy of publishing agreement(s) with publisher(s) (if any)

With all of the abovementioned documents & company stamp, the applicant will sign the following documents at MACA office
  • Deed of Assignment
  • MACA Member’s Responsibility and Obligation Pledge
  • Personal Data Collection Statement

* The above forms can be downloaded from the "Forms" option at the bottom left corner of the website