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       MACA hereby declares, musical information provided in this website is modified according to the Copyright Law no. 5/2012, Decree-law no. 43/99/M approved on 16 August, Article 198 provides the relevant provisions of Information Obligation, “Collective management agencies are obliged to provide any interested party with information concerning the holders of copyright and related rights that they represent, and also the conditions governing use of their repertoire.” But in any circumstance, all musical information is merely as your reference, this will not take any responsibility for the contents of this website, MACA does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss arising from inaccurate or incomplete information (regardless of any cause), however, caused.

       For any enquiry or opinions regarding information provided on this website, please feel free to contact us by info@maca.org.mo, thank you for your understanding and assistance.


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